Wholesale Ordering

All floss and floss packs are available for wholesale purchase.   There is no minimum purchase for first-time orders.  After your first order, minimum purchases will be enforced.



Pricing is on a total order basis, and not a per-colourway basis.  You must order at least 20 skeins per colourway, unless ordering bulk floss, or floss packs.

  • 20 skeins or more: $1.25 per skein
  • 100 skeins or more: $1.00 per skein
  • 250 skeins or more: 75¢ per skein

Bulk Floss Pricing:

  • 200 yards or more: $12.50 per ball/hank
  • 600 yards or more: $10.00 per ball/hank
  • 1000 yards or more: $8.00 per ball/hank

Floss Pack Pricing:

  • 10 packs or more: $6 per pack
  • 50 packs or more: $5 per pack
  • 100 packs or more: $4 per pack

Bulk floss is always sent in 200 yard balls or hanks, depending on your preference.  Bulk orders must always be in increments of 200 yards.  Individual labels are 25¢ each, regardless of quantity ordered.  Floss Packs can be mixed and matched, and do not have to all be the same pack.


Kits can be mixed and matched.  There is no minimum per kit design.

Ornament Kit Pricing:

  • 10 kits or more: $12 per kit
  • 30 kits or more: $10 per kit
  • 60 kits or more: $8 per kit

Two-colour Kit Pricing:

  • 10 kits or more: $9.50 per kit
  • 30 kits or more: $7.50 per kit
  • 60 kits or more: $5.50 per kit

Large kit orders may take additional time to ship, depending on fabric stock.


The only wholesale fabric offered is in 14ct and 18ct.  Other counts cannot be regularly obtained from our suppliers.  Your order will be custom dyed, and may take additional time to process.  All fabric will be sent in 30″x36″ pieces, to be cut down and sized at your discretion.  There is no minimum on individual colours.

  • 10 pieces or more: $16 per piece
  • 30 pieces or more: $14 per piece
  • 60 pieces or more: $12 per piece

Shipping Times and Fees

Shipping fees to you will be calculated, based on the weight of the order and your location.  Some orders may be able to be sent flat-rate, depending on their size.  If you live outside of the US, there may be additional customs charged that cannot be waived or pre-paid.

Some items may take longer process than others, depending on material availability.  You can select to wait to have everything shipped at once (may take longer), or to have portions of your order shipped as they are ready (you’ll get multiple packages).  Large shipments will be sent in boxes, so be sure to watch your tracking information to make sure someone is able to accept the package.


Dropshipping is available on all orders, and can be especially beneficial to sellers outside the US with a customer base within the US.  When you place your order, please indicate whether or not you would like to use this service.  Your inventory will not be shipped out to you, saving you the cost of up-front shipping.  When an order is placed at your store,  you would be responsible to forwarding the order to us, along with the collected shipping costs.  The order will then be sent from us directly to your customer.  You will receive a tracking number, which you can pass on to your customer.

Shipping costs with the dropshipping service:

  • To US addresses: $2.50
  • To International addresses: $5.50

It is your responsibility to inform buyers outside the US of additional customs fees, and the rules and laws surrounding them.  We do not offer free shipping on dropshipped orders.  You are responsible for collecting the shipping fees for these orders.

Read more about how dropshipping works here.

Resale Agreement

The suggested retail is $2 per individual skein, $10 per pack, and $25 per 200 yard ball/hank.  You are free to offer sales, coupons, or other discounts you would normally offer on these items.  Floss purchased at wholesale can be resold individually, or as part of a larger kit.  The prices offered here are not for personal use outside the making and testing of kits and patterns, and are available only to shop owners.

Place Your Order

Please be sure to disable your adblocker on this page, or the form will not send.  Type in the item names exactly as they appear on the shop for faster fulfilment.  You will be sent an invoice via PayPal.  Your shipping will be calculated, and offered at the lowest possible price bracket, unless you select to use the dropshipping service.