International Ordering

At this time, international orders are handled via PayPal.  Square does not accept orders from outside the US, which is unfortunate and out of my control.

International orders will be handled manually through this form.   You will receive an invoice via PayPal within 12 hours.  Your order will ship once payment has been received.

Please note that quantities are not guaranteed. While we do our best to make sure all orders are handled as quickly as possible to ensure you get everything you want, orders that come in outside of business hours cannot be checked until the next morning. You will be emailed if an item is out of stock, and given an option for a replacement, or to have it removed from your order.  Forms can be emailed to, or shared with

The international order form has changed!

To place an order using this form, please download the current catalogue from Google Drive (File > Download As), and fill it out.   When you’re done, fill out the form below.

Filling out the form as it appears in the link will not notify anybody of a new order.  We do not see changes made to the form.