Where did you find the pattern for that thing you just posted on Tumblr?

It’s rare that I stitch something that I didn’t make the pattern for.  The pattern is either something I made, and will soon be available either in the shop or on the freebie page, or the post was a reblog.  If it’s a reblog, I’m afraid I probably have no idea where the pattern came from.

How do you make a pattern?

It depends on the pattern itself.  I use a combination of software, usually Paint.NET and PCStitch.  Paint.NET is free; PCStitch requires a license.  I usually design the pattern in Paint.NET, since it has layers and fill tools and filters, and a bunch of other things that make a design look nice, and then import it into PCStitch to turn it into a readable pattern.

There are also free stitch-charting options available.  KG-Chart and Pic2Pat are both popular.

How much floss comes with the kits in your shop?

It depends on the kit.  Most tend to come with four skeins total, but the amount of each colour will vary from kit to kit.  All kits are charted for 14ct fabric, and the amount floss sent with the kits is determined both by how much the charting software predicts you’ll need, and by how much was used when the design was stitched.  All kits ship with full skeins of floss, so you’ll usually have a little bit left over when you’re done.

If you’re worried about not having enough floss, there’s an option to double the amount of floss you’ll get.  This option is available on all kit purchases.

I ordered a colour from you a while ago, and recently ordered more of the same.  Why are the colours a little different?

Colours differ from dye lot to dye lot.  Because everything is hand-dyed, and the amount of external factors involved, the intensity of the dye can differ each time a new batch is made.  Efforts are made to ensure that colours stay as consistent as possible, but exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed.

If I know the dye lot I bought last time, can I request more floss from the same dye lot?

Generally, no.  Some of the more unpopular colours may still be on the same dye lot, but others are made very frequently.  If the colour is one that’s used in a kit, there isn’t likely to be any left from the same dye lot you purchased last time.

Why are there white/faded spots in the floss I ordered?

This is a result of the hand-dyeing process.  Hot spots are found in nearly every colour produced, but tend to be more noticeable in darker colours.  They typically occur from the bands that are tied around each hank as it’s being dyed, to keep the floss from tangling in the process.  Floss cannot be dyed without being tied, so please do not ask.

Your shop says it ships to the US only, but can you make an exception?

I already do!  If you live outside of the US, you can order through the website by clicking this link.

Your shop only takes credit cards.  Can I order with PayPal instead?

Yes! You can use the International Ordering form linked above.

I ordered a digital pattern, but I can’t find the email with the download.

This is for one of two reasons: either I haven’t sent it yet, or your spam filter ate it.  Digital items still have to be manually processed, and can take up to 12 hours, depending on the time of day when the order comes through.  If I am not home, or am asleep, I obviously cannot process your order.  I operate on GMT-8, and am typically up and going between 10am-2am.

If it has been more than 12 hours since you placed your order, and you still have not received your email, be sure to check your spam filter.  Emails will come from orders.madxstitcher@gmail.com.