Holiday Deadlines

Which we all know means Christmas, but let’s keep it consistent and use the post office’s wording.  But if you are shopping for Christmas, you’ll want your package to arrive on time.  In order to make sure this happens, please make sure you place your orders by the following dates listed below.  Please note that these are going off of the United States Post Office deadlines, so the packages may arrive last minute if ordered on these dates.  As we ship on Tuesdays and Fridays, you may want to order a week early if you plan on wrapping your package yourself.

We do offer gift wrapping at an additional charge.

Order Deadlines

  • Within the US – December 15th
  • Military Addresses – November 24th
  • International – African/South America – November 21st
  • International – All Else – November 28th

Keep in mind, these are not shipment deadlines as listed with the post office, but order deadlines.  Orders need additional time to process, and since we no longer have mail pickups from our location, are limited to our shipment schedule of Tuesday and Friday.

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