Changes to shipping policies

We’ve been having a problem with small orders being returned to us for using the wrong kind of postage.  The short version is someone at the post office thinks your packages are letters, because floss is tiny and doesn’t weigh anything.

Rather than unnecessarily weigh down the packages, or use extra material that will just get thrown away to bulk up the envelopes, some small changes are going to be made to the envelopes we use.  We use envelopes for all small domestic orders to keep costs down.  Using boxes makes orders cost more to ship ($6 minimum, instead of the $2.50 we currently charge), and adding extra padding or weight to the envelopes could increase the prices as well.

Prices will not be changing, but what you find in your mailbox will.

  • Small orders (10 skeins or less) will be sent in a 3.5″ x 6.5″ envelope.
  • Medium-sized orders (10-20 skeins) will be sent in a 4″ x 9.5″ envelope.
  • Larger orders, or any order containing a kit or fabric will be sent in the most appropriate container for the size of the order.  This may include 9″ x  12″ envelopes, plastic mailing bags, or boxes, depending on the size.  This has not changed.

Hopefully this will reduce the time it takes for orders to get to you.  It’s just as frustrating for us to get orders back as it is for you, so hopefully these changes will stop that in the future.

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