Random Embroidery Gubbins Giveaway

I’ve got a bunch of random stuff hanging around that I don’t use or need, and it’s all taking up too much space.  So I’m having a giveaway to get rid of some of it.

What I have to give away:

  • Plastic hoops: 8″, 10″, and oval –   NOTE: I only have one oval hoop, and one 8″ hoop.
  • Q-snap frame: 8″ – NOTE: I only have one Q-snap frame
  • Stitchbow Floss Holders: Great for holding onto your floss without crimping or tangling it up – I have hundreds of these.  Possibly more than 1000.  You’ll get a good number of these.
  • Highlighters: Available in yellow, orange, and green.  Mostly yellow.  Great for marking off your patterns.
  • Plastic bobbins: More compact than Stitchbow.  I’ve got maybe a couple hundred of these.
  • Embroidery Floss: Mostly my own brand, but you’ll get some other stuff I have sitting around in buckets as well.  Some Anchor.  Some JP Coats.  Some random counterfeit stuff.
  • Fabric: 14ct and 18ct in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • $10 MadXStitcher gift card.

Prizes will all be boxed up prior to drawing the winners.  I won’t know what’s in the boxes, but each box will have a somewhat equal amount of prizes (obviously there will be differences, as I only have limited quantities of some items).  Winners will get a mystery assortment of floss and fabric.

There are six ways to enter, and you can do so here: https://gleam.io/mGeIO/random-embroidery-gubbins-giveaway

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