Patreon updates, and site changes

These things are not actually separate, but are connected to one another.  You’ll find two new sections in the top navbar today: Speed Stitches, and Livestream Projects. Speed Stitches will list every speed stitch video I’ve done for my channel.  Livestream Projects will keep an updated log of live-stream only projects, and how they’re going.  And both now have links to patterns featured on the channel.

Because today, I went through the entire back catalogue, from before the page was even created, and made sure that every pattern that’s been featured on the channel is available for patrons to download.  Check it out here!  Patrons pledging $3 or more a month will have access to all the patterns, from everything I’ve made.  Even stuff from challenge videos that don’t turn out will be posted to Patreon.

Up next, the tutorial section will be getting a massive overhaul.  But that might not be for a while yet, because I need to probably record a few more tutorials to make that section worth the work of overhauling it.

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