State of the Stuff

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t really been on Tumblr all that much (and annoyingly, I don’t think this post is going to automatically cross post over there, because that feature seems to have died).  There are a few reasons for my absence, that all just happened to come down at once.

The first has been an endless string of computer problems that ended in a slow and painful motherboard death.  That kind of made anything difficult, which I’ll get to in a little bit.  But sites like Tumblr, which are very image heavy, tended to drag everything down until it just collapsed, and queuing large amounts of posts on mobile is exhausting and often results in posts going to the wrong blog.  But I’ve also been largely avoiding Tumblr even on mobile just because of the current political climate.  No matter how carefully I curate my dash, I’m constantly exposed to unnecessary political guilt trips that I refuse to engage with.  So I’ve been mostly avoiding large parts of the internet, except for those which I can more readily control what I see and what I don’t see.  so if you’re wondering where I’ve gone, it’s there.  I have been on deviantART more often lately, even though it’s kind of crap for crafts.

Going back to the computer, I was finally able to get a new one yesterday.  It’s a big beast of a gaming rig, even though I don’t really do all that much gaming, but it was chosen for something else: livestreams.  I tested those out right before my motherboard decided to nope out, and found them to be quite a lot of fun.  Those will start up next week again, once I can work out a reasonable schedule for them.  I think Twitch and YouTube are going to become my primary locations in the future, because the interaction on those platforms is better.  Rather than building a presence by reblogging other people’s hard work, I’ll be able to focus on my own brand this way.

You may remember I suffered a catastrophic hard drive melt down a little more than a year ago, which ground some things to a halt.  One of those was a Stitch Along, which was quite a lot of fun.  I don’t know where those files are.  I’m still looking for them, but if they still exist, they’re buried somewhere in a 1TB dump drive, where everything I was able to back up wound up in a billion random folders.  I’m still searching through that drive for so many other things, and as soon as I find the Stitch Along files, they’ll all be posted to the site, in the Stitch Along section.

Kits are going to be seeing a change soon, and with that, the Stitch Crate may be coming back.  The change they’ll be seeing will be one in the pattern quality, mostly.  As it was, I wanted Kits to come with with a cardstock pattern in a very large print, with full colour, and even purchased a large format printer just for that purpose.  But because the printer has the world’s smallest ink cartridges, I was spending about $10 per card, because the ink ran out that quickly.  Until I can find a reliable and reasonably priced alternative, kits will come with black and white patterns.  If I can’t find any cheap way to outsource the patterns, I may have to look into a large format laser printer, because inkjet was a dumb idea.  I don’t like that I’m having to cut quality on these patterns, but when I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on printing pattern cards alone, it’s a change that has to be made.

If you’ve been waiting on a Kit Club subscription while all of this mess has been going on, those will go out next month.  You can also expect to see some added time on your subscription, to make up for the wait.

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