International Shipping and Digital Items

I’ve had a few questions about international shipping lately.  To answer them plainly, I do ship outside of the US.  I know the listings all say otherwise, but that’s with Square, and outside of my control.  But it’s stupid, and I disagree with it, so there is a way to place an order if you live outside of the US.

At the bottom of the storefront, there is a link.  It’s also right here.  When filling out the form, you can also include any coupon codes you have, and the discount will apply to your order before shipping.  If you have a preference for speed of delivery or any other shipping extras, you can list those as well.  Otherwise, your order will ship with the cheapest option available.

You will receive an invoice via PayPal within twelve hours of submitting your form.  The delay is because these orders will have to be processed manually, as the form simply sends me an email, and is not connected to PayPal.
I’ve also had a few questions about the digital patterns on the shop.  Digital items are also manually processed, which means you will not get the email with your pattern immediately.  Again, this is due to the way Square is set up, and there’s not much I can do about this.  You’ll get your order confirmation once you place your order, and within 12 hours, will receive a second email with your patterns.  Please be sure to allow emails from to prevent your spam filter erroneously flagging your order as spam.
I hope this clears up any questions or concerns you may have.  And for the curious, the polar bears will probably be listed by the coming weekend.

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